Digital signage replacing printed posters and signs

Have you noticed those TV screens that you see in more and more public areas like stores, restaurants, receptions, above gas pumps and other public areas? They are called Digital Signage.

Printed posters and signs of the past

The traditional way of marketing products in store, or notify customers of a discount or an event, has been printed posters and signs. These signs will normally have to be designed by a designer and then printed or produced before you could display them.

The cost, time and effort needed to replace the message on printed signs is so high that it winds up being postponed as long as possible or replaced with handwritten posters on pieces of cardboard.

The convenience of digital signage

Digital signs are the modern age posters that allow you to dynamically change the content whenever you want. The convenience of being able to change content with just a few clicks, and publish this content to a multiple screens independent of geograhical location is what makes digital signage so powerful as a marketing tool when compared to old school printed posters.

Once you have installed the screens, replacing the message on them becomes easier than reading the morning news paper. This gives you the opportunity to tailor the on screen messages depending on weather, events, discounts etc.
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